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Semi Final of Talent Bleus

Wednesday March 31st, I will back performing on La Semaine des 4 Julies for the semi final of Talents Bleus ! 

Take good not of the date beacause I will need you to make my way to the final. So, at 21h, install yourself confortably in front of your television or you computer (https://www.noovo.ca/en-direct) to watch me live performing a brand new act! 

You will have 30 minutes after the presentation to vote for me on https://www.noovo.ca. The vote is free and you don't even have to provide your email, a real luxury nowdays ! 
Pssst, you can on all your electronic devices (computer, cellphone, tablet.) 

Will we see the Bas Saint-Laurent in final ? 


Thank you !

A thousand times «Thank You» ! 

I wish I could individually thank everyone that took a moment to vote for me. Unfortunatelly,  it is impossible. So I will use this publication to tell you, from the bottom of my heart «Thank You»! 

Thank you to all Bas Saint-Laurent's people for their support. Continue to encourage artists, artisans and merchant from our beautiful side of the province. 

Thank you to La Semaine des 4 Julie's team. Your professionnalism and you warm welcome made me feel part of the familly. And I can't forget to give two thumbs up to Anick Filion who had the dificult task to describe my act for the «video description» version.   


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