«Rose des Vents» for Greatway Financial's convention

A convention in Calgary

Last September 11th, I was invited to perform my two acts «Rose des Vents» and «Make my Day» for the annual canadian convention of Greatway Financial. I also had the opportunity to do roaming Hula Hoop animation before my two performances. It was a real pleasure to be able to perform again in front of that many people at the same time.  

A summer full of «Fun»

When your old teacher, show partner and friend ask you to be part of her new project, you can't say no. Not even when she adds that it is a kids show, performed on a bus and that you will perform hula hoop and handstands and not pole. You know, all things have never done before. Believe me, she had 100 times for fate in me than I had myself. And she was prooven right. I was so scared but I had so much fun at the same time. It was a pleasure to play an AVIVA planet members in front of the kids. Seeing them laugh and smile worthed to push me out of my confort zone. I learned to do adagio, hula hoop and even went back on the handstand canes after more than 10 years. Thanks Sania ! 

Semi Final of Talent Bleus

Wednesday March 31st, I will back performing on La Semaine des 4 Julies for the semi final of Talents Bleus ! 

Take good not of the date beacause I will need you to make my way to the final. So, at 21h, install yourself confortably in front of your television or you computer ( to watch me live performing a brand new act! 

You will have 30 minutes after the presentation to vote for me on The vote is free and you don't even have to provide your email, a real luxury nowdays ! 
Pssst, you can on all your electronic devices (computer, cellphone, tablet.) 

Will we see the Bas Saint-Laurent in final ? 

Quarterfinal Talents Bleus - La Semaine des 4 Julie
Thank you !

A thousand times «Thank You» ! 

I wish I could individually thank everyone that took a moment to vote for me. Unfortunatelly,  it is impossible. So I will use this publication to tell you, from the bottom of my heart «Thank You»! 

Thank you to all Bas Saint-Laurent's people for their support. Continue to encourage artists, artisans and merchant from our beautiful side of the province. 

Thank you to La Semaine des 4 Julie's team. Your professionnalism and you warm welcome made me feel part of the familly. And I can't forget to give two thumbs up to Anick Filion who had the dificult task to describe my act for the «video description» version.   

New Teaser Zauberhaft !

The brand new teaser of Zauberhaft ! 
Presented in GOP Kaiserpalais in Bad Oeyhausen until January 12th 2020. 

Challenge met !

One month to master a brand new apparatus, to create a new act and to present it outside in the more than chilly Quebec weather.  (What better way to take me out of my comfort zone?) 
Mission fully accomplished ! 


With its brand new creation ZERO°C, Mysteract will overcome a major challenge, because with temparature dropping up to -17°C, performing in Quebec weather is worthy of Hercules' Labours ! This winter show will hit the stage on March 1st and 9th for the Quebec's Games opening and closing ceremonies. 

A new trio act !

«Pagode Trio» is the result of a magnificent collaboration with the Duo Fémina. A beautiful aerial act created on an totally unique apparatus : the Aerial Pagode. 

«Make my day» Animation AML 2018

A new teaser to come !

Be aware, a new teaser will appear soon ! 

It is already done !

Yesterday, it was the last Urban Cruise onbord the Louis Jolliet. To perform on board was pure fun. I had the opportunity to perform a lot of new acts including «Pagode Trio», aerial rectangle and an acrobatic version of my act Rose of the Winds. It means there will soon be a lot of new teasers published here. 

A first time in «Aerial Bar»

Luna - AML Cruise
A boat as an office !

Old Quebec in background, Saint-Laurent river as a stage and a powerfull (and magnificent) team, this is how my Summer is going to look like onboard Louis-Jolliet. 

Gala Sportif du Centre Jean-Claude Mallépart
Rose of the Winds for a Sports Gala

On May 24th, I had the chance to close the Jean-Claude-Mallépart Center' Sports Gala with my act Rose of the Winds, a superb ceremony to celebrate the excetionnal efforts and performances of various CJM's members. 

Show by Fit to Prove to help raise funds for Opération Enfant Soleil.
One show for one cause !

A show to raise funds for Opération Enfant Soleil, what more to say about it? 
That there will be worldwide acclaimed artists hitting the stage ! 
That is it for a good cause ! 
That there really is no excuse not to attend that fanstatic show !  

Banc d'Essai Crédit photo : Emmanuel Burriel
Banc d'Essai

The Banc d'Essai of the ECQ, a perfect moment to test my brand new aerial rectangle act ! 

2017 Christmas Cabaret of École de Cirque de Québec
2017 Christmas Cabaret

Tonight and the next two weeks, I'll be back at «home» for the 13th edition of the Christmas Cabaret of École de Cirque de Québec. Join us to celebrate the openning of the holyday season ! 

Witches' night

A welcoming witch..., or almost

Don't be mistaken, you are really welcome in her home... (As much as a cockroaches invasion !) 

Witches' night

Witches' night

Witches envaded the Aquarium du Quebec leading the hunters to madness. Come and meet these witches in their new home this autumn...  

Having fun before to hit the stage !

Turning 50, it takes circus to celebrate !

On September 15th, I joined A2D2 team in order to celebrate a circus style 50th birthday party ! Champaign.... Circus everyone ! 

Festival Détour

A little Detour by the Festival ?

Tonight, it is on the stage of the Cabaret Patnagruesque, cabaret presented in the first circus festival in the Bas Saint-Laurent, that I will present my Chinese pole acts and my last creation in acrobatic pole dance.  So starting tonight the Festival Détout will give you the opportunity to discover many circus artists ! 

Cabaret Zmâla
Photographer : Emmanuel Burriel
Testing a new act

Yesterday, I tested a new act in the Cabaret Zmâla presented by Caravane Coop. I gave myself the challenge to create a spinning pole dance dance act in less than one week. Challenge completed ! 

Délice' Terrace Grand Opening

Tonight I'll be performing acrobatic pole dance at the Délice Resto-Nightclub to celebrate the opening of there uge terrace. I'll let myself by inspired by the LBA Band to entertain the public that will be there to officialy welcome summer. 

See you there ! 

Ready for Surface's press conference !

Conférence de presse !

A short acrobatic pole dance performance for the official lunch of Surface, a show presented July 27th, 28th and 29th at the Quai Paquet in Levis.  

Montréal Scandal ! Photographer : Marc Young **Act created in collaboration with Mabel Palomino from Manina Production
Montréal Scandal !

Last Saturday, I was back on the stage with my act With (all of) you for Montréal Scandal ! A magnificent night promoting vices and vertue... By the way, a sexy little video of that performance waits you on my facebook page.... Alexanne Plouffe Artiste de Cirque 

"Montreal Scandal" presented April 8 at Club Soda.
Montreal Scandal !

To celabrate the 375 years of Montreal, let's get back with us in the 40's where Montreal was the capital of all (guilty) pleasures. 

April 8th 2017 at Club Soda. 

Aerial rectangle for a calendar launch

Its for the DAI Calender launch that I went up in the air with my aerial rectangle act. 

"Scarlett Grand Review II" at the Strand Center for the Arts
Scarlett Grand Review II

Last february 11th, I was back on my hands and on the pôle for Scarlett Grand Review II, a show presented at the Strand Center for the Arts. I had the opportunity to present two acts, including an handstand act specially created for that event, to the public who came to be charmed by the burlesque ambiance. That was a fantastic night where I discovered amazing artists with whom I hope to hit the stage again. 

Osez le Bal Masqué II

Last February 4th, I add the opportunity to entertain the audience of «Osez le Bal Masqué II» with my new act «Feeling good with you (all)». I wanna thank all the organisators of that event for having me invited as their guest entertainer for the second year. 

Osez le Bal masqué ! Photograph : Les Festifs (Marc-Éric Baillargeon)
Coup de coeur 2016

Great beginning of 2017 : a picture of my performance for «Osez le Bal masqué» is a one of the «coups de coeur 2016» of the photographs agency Les Festifs. 
Follow this link to discover the other »coups de coeur of 2016» : 

Aerial rectangle act for "Icons on Tour"

Just another day in paradise

«Think twice, it's just another day for you and me in paradaise» 
With an outside temperature reaching -18°C, I can't stop thinking to those who will have to spent the night outside. «Another day in paradise» from Phill Collins, song of my aerial rectangle act in «Icons on Tour», remembers me how lucky I am. 

Glamorous style for the Mises partys in the Casino de Montréal

Party Hautes Mises (suite...)

Here we are again for 4 more shows in aerial hoop for the Hautes Mises Partys in the Casino de Montréal ! 

Special opening act for the Party Hautes Mises of Casino de Montréal.

Party des Hautes mises

Lyras, straps and dance : Opening act for Partys Hautes Mises at the Casino of Montréal.  

Rehearsing for our next corpo gig at Casino de Montréal.
Corpo gig rehearsal !

Little sneak peek from our lyra and straps act specialy created for a corpo gig at the Cabaret du Casino de Montréal. What a great time I had creating this act with those two amazing artists while adding some new skills to my list. 

«Icons On Tour» : Brand new project !

Next November 18th, these awesome people and I will bring «Icons on Tour» to life on the Cabaret du Casino de Montreal' stage. «Icons on tour» is a show that presents the biggest success of pop rock music through the years.  What will I perform ? Aerial rectangle, flying pole and lyra... (Yes, lyra !) 


Sneak peek of «Cabaret Burlesque» rehearsal

Première of «Cabret Burlesque» tonight !

Tonight is the première of «Cabaret Burlesque» presented in Montreal Casino until November 12th. It's time to be sexy ! 

It's burlesque time !

Challenge accepted ! 
Thursday, October 6th, I'll be on the Montreal Casino stage for the «première» of «Cabaret Burlesque». 

It's time to be hot !
Finished, vanished, disapered the usual confort zone. Now, it's a dive in feminity and sensuality.  

«Mon Paris» by YSL launch
Photographe : Photos-Graphiste
«Mon Paris» by Yves Saint-Laurent !

Last September 14th I had to chance to perform an adapted version of my acrobatic pole act for the launch of «Mon Paris» by Yves Saint-Laurent. Thanks to the organisation and all the crew of the Louis-Jolliet ! 

Everybody on bord !

On July 22th, I'll be part of the show "La Rose des Vents" created by Mysteract and presented abord of the Louis Jolliet. I'll be performing my Aerial rectangle act and two different Acrobatic pole dance acts. Get on board and meet the most eccentric crew !

Déferlantes Photogapher : Emmanuel Burriel
New web site !

I think everything is said ! 
Take the time to visit and to discover new photos, the English version... Don't hesitate to send me a little message to let me know me that you were here !

The 2016 gratuates from École de Cirque de Québec
Officially graduate from ECQ!

During the last three years, I had the opportunity to study with twelve amazing artists. We are the survivors from 2016 cohort! (Yes, when you start with 26 students and you and with 13, it's called circus surving!!) 

During three years, they became my second familly. We have spent so many time working together, dreaming of the same thing, fearing for the same reasons, training so hard to achieve our goals... I love you guys !