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A convention in Calgary

Last September 11th, I was invited to perform my two acts «Rose des Vents» and «Make my Day» for the annual canadian convention of Greatway Financial. I also had the opportunity to do roaming Hula Hoop animation before my two performances. It was a real pleasure to be able to perform again in front of that many people at the same time.  


A summer full of «Fun»

When your old teacher, show partner and friend ask you to be part of her new project, you can't say no. Not even when she adds that it is a kids show, performed on a bus and that you will perform hula hoop and handstands and not pole. You know, all things have never done before. Believe me, she had 100 times for fate in me than I had myself. And she was prooven right. I was so scared but I had so much fun at the same time. It was a pleasure to play an AVIVA planet members in front of the kids. Seeing them laugh and smile worthed to push me out of my confort zone. I learned to do adagio, hula hoop and even went back on the handstand canes after more than 10 years. Thanks Sania ! 


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Alexanne Plouffe

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